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Ambridge Awareness: Shining a light through the fog of HR

Here's your regular round up of employment trends and hot topics. As well as potential pitfalls your business should be aware of - and how to avoid them! Focus on: Heatwave

How best can you support your employees? In spite of the weather reports announcing "unprecedented temperatures" across the UK this week, the fact is that summers are getting hotter and the incidents of heatwaves are on the increase. It's time to implement some summer measures for your staff! Have you considered amending working hours? Your employment contracts should allow for temporary amends (let us know if they don't!) so it's worth considering going continental and adopting an earlier start time, a break in the afternoon - say 2-5pm - and then finish off the working day with a couple of hours in the evening once the temperature has cooled down a bit. Don't forget to update your operating hours on your website and/or Google and let your clients know when they can get hold of you. Have you implemented a more relaxed dress code? Whilst shorts and t-shirts might not be appropriate year round, it is acceptable to allow a more dressed-down approach when the temperatures soar. You can still ask for staff to dress on the smarter side for client meetings - maybe a short sleeved shirt instead of a t-shirt or a shirt-waister dress rather than a strappy number! If your staff are normally office based, you might consider allowing working from home during the summer to allow for less commuting in unpleasant heat. Apart from dodging slow-running trains that can't cope with the heat and melting tar on the roads, this also easily allows people to start work earlier and finish off the working day later in the evening, in line with continental hours, without significantly impacting their work-life balance. Have you provided everyone with a fan to remain cool and productive? If you have employees working outdoors, you should consider earlier start and finish times as well as implementing short-term layoff time to safeguard the health of your staff. If you have no option but to continue working in an office or onsite, make sure the fridge is well stocked with chilled water and maybe treat your staff to an ice lolly or two! Get in touch to learn more about how you can implement temporary working practices to deal with the hot weather and still run a productive business. Hot Weather Solutions 4-day working week is a concept that is gathering momentum. It was announced in June that 70 UK companies would be trialling a 4-day week for 6 months with no reduction in salary. It's the biggest trial to ever take place and involves over 3,300 workers across 30 business sectors

rs. What's the catch?! Staff have to continue 100% of productivity. If it works, this will herald a big change in the way UK companies will operate in the next few years. The benefits to the company could include the need for less office space as staff can hot-desk on the days they are in, as well as a decrease in sickness absence levels and increased staff motivation. This results in less admin for you and money saving for the business. The summer could be a good time for your business to trial this option too. Get in touch to discuss your options and implement a trial. I'd like to talk about a 4-day working week trial LGBTQ+ policies

With this year's Pride month still fresh in our minds, now is the time to have a look at your company policies and see if your business is up-to-date with LGBTQ+ policies and approaches. A survey recently conducted by the TUC found that 1/5 companies have no LGBTQ+ policies. You probably have a diversity and inclusion statement that prohibits discrimination, harassment and bullying. Is that enough? Without looking, can you tell me if your policy specifically refers to LGBTQ+? The TUC poll also uncovered that there is a pay gap of over £6,000 between LGBTQ+ workers and their colleagues. Although it isn't a legal requirement for businesses to report on this yet, do be aware of the diversity in your business - across all areas - and take a look at the salaries you are currently paying. Are you confident that any pay gaps can't be construed as discrimination? Are your managers trained and supported on good practice for LGBTQ+ inclusion? Are your adoption/maternity/paternity leave policies inclusive? Do you need to consider some employee training around gender neutral pronouns? Do you have a statement on your website that makes potential employees aware you are an inclusive employer? There are lots of things you can be doing for your business to be LGBTQ+ inclusive. If you want to do more, get in touch for policies and guidance. How to increase LGBTQ+ awareness Get in Touch If you know a business that might benefit from HR advice and guidance, please feel free to forward this newsletter on to them. We're here to advise and guide. Or sometimes just listen! If you need a sounding board or more detailed guidance on a current issue, get in touch and talk to us today. Ambridge HR: Shining a light through the fog of HR. Help is here! 0330 1333 525 Check out our website Created with Explore Ascend

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