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Ambridge HR Ltd:
Shining a light through the fog of HR

Safely guiding your business and making sure you sleep at night

Here to help you with HR advice and guidance.

Since we started, we’ve guided countless clients to help them implement HR requirements - whether that's in terms of employment law advice or tailoring our services for all sorts of businesses - from small to large.

In these days of working from home and outsourced providers, why not consider outsourcing your HR requirements too?  We're a necessary partner for every size of business.  As soon as you have one employee, you have HR requirements and employer obligations that you need to address!

Don't lose sleep over it! Give Ambridge HR a call and we'll happily run through your options.

Working Together

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0330 133 3525



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Based in West Sussex, UK

Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 5pm

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